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A Leader You Can Trust To Protect the Last Best Place

Montanans know our state isn’t just a special place – we’re proud to be The Last Best Place. And we can never allow Montana to become the special interests’ place instead.

We’re Big Sky Country, not the land of big corporations. Being known as The Treasure State is not an invitation for powerful interests to vacuum up our resources and sell out our unique way of life.

I’m Mike Cooney. As a legislator from Butte or President of the Montana Senate representing Helena, as Secretary of State or Governor Bullock’s trusted partner as Lieutenant Governor, this is how I’ve always seen our Montana home: a place with values worth protecting, with a way of life worth fighting for.

And it’s exactly why I’m running for governor. To put our Montana health care, jobs and public lands first – while putting the special interests, with their dark money and narrow agendas, in their place.

I’m running to be nobody’s governor…but yours. If you want to protect the Montana we call home, add your name today.