Cook Political Report: Montana’s Gubernatorial Race Remains Nation’s Only True Toss-Up

Recent polling shows race a virtual tie; Cooney poised to shatter yet another fundraising record

MONTANA — The Montana gubernatorial race remains the only true toss-up governor’s race in the nation, according to the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

In a new analysis published today, Cook’s Jessica Taylor wrote that recent polls show “GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte and Democratic Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney in a close race that will probably stay knotted up to Election Day.

Despite millions of dollars in negative advertising against him, Cooney is entering the fall in a strong position to defeat New Jersey millionaire Greg Gianforte. A new poll by one of the nation’s top polling firms shows Lt. Governor Mike Cooney and Congressman Greg Gianforte statistically tied (46% Cooney/47% Gianforte).

Cooney is also poised to post another record-breaking fundraising period, after nearly doubling Gov. Bullock’s fundraising during a similar time frame in his 2016 campaign over the last period — despite limits that are almost three times lower.

Since mid-July, Cooney has rolled out his vision for the future of Montana’s health care, economy, public lands, public education, agriculture, service members and veterans and military families, and labor movement on top of his proposed Constitutional Initiative to ban a sales tax in Montana. 

This race has been a toss-up for months, and with 49 days left, the stakes have never been higher,” said Cooney Communications Director Ronja Abel. “While Greg Gianforte has been playing hooky from Congress, Mike has been meeting with Montanans, rolling out policy plans, and putting in the hard work that will put him over the finish line this November.” 


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