Cooney has fought hard for Montana

Source: Billings Gazette

Mike Cooney is one of Montana’s most trusted and effective leaders and has spent his entire career fighting for hard-working Montanans and our families.

Raised in Butte, Cooney knows the responsibility of state leaders to fight for our brothers and sisters in labor for better wages and working conditions. It’s why he’s spent his career in public service fighting to protect workers’ rights and protect our health and safety. He’s fought for good jobs and quality public education at every turn. And as governor, we can trust Cooney to make sure Right to Work never sees the light of day.

Cooney knows the importance of the contributions of the men and women who have built Montana: workers. He knows Montanans stand stronger together and that it is the hardworking people of our state who are worth fighting for. It’s why Montanans have elected him to statewide office four times — as a state legislator in the House and the Senate, as Secretary of State, and as Gov. Steve Bullock’s lieutenant governor — because we know he can get things done by bringing people together and finding responsible solutions while never compromising on our Montana values.

These have been the fights of Cooney’s career — he has a proven record of results, knows how to get the job done, and is ready to hit the ground running as governor on day one.

Jim Larsen