Cooney to MTN News: If Greg Gianforte Wants to Tear Down ACA, Medicaid Expansion “He’s Going to Have to Come Through Me”

Cooney: “Let’s quit letting this guy talk out of both sides of his mouth.”

MONTANA — MTN News is reporting on Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney’s plans to protect Montanans’ access to quality, affordable health care in light of Greg Gianforte and his DC allies’ attempts to strip health care away from 112,000 Montanans – during a pandemic.  

Cooney, “whose administration helped extend Medicaid expansion,” called the program that provides health care to nearly 1-in-10 Montanans “a cornerstone” of Montana’s health care system, and pledged to defend Medicaid expansion against people like Greg Gianforte, who supports eliminating the program. 

Cooney warned Gianforte that if he wants “to tear down the (Affordable Care Act)… and do away with Medicaid expansion, he’s going to have to come through me.”

Greg Gianforte voted in support of the partisan lawsuit to overturn the ACA and Medicaid expansion, and he pledged his support for Amy Coney Barrett to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, despite reports that she could provide the deciding vote to rip health care coverage away from more than 112,000 Montanans. 

Cooney quickly dismissed any notion that Greg Gianforte can support Medicaid expansion while supporting efforts to overturn the ACA. Cooney said“You can’t support Medicaid expansion and try to tear down the ACA… So let’s quit letting this guy talk out of both sides of his mouth.”

Last week, Cooney laid out his plans to defend Montanans’ access to quality, affordable health care in case the ACA and Medicaid expansion are eliminated by Greg Gianforte and his partisan friends. When Gianforte was asked about his non-existent plans to deal with the fallout of his efforts to rip health care away from Montanans, Gianforte simply said“we’ll deal with the situation.”

“Mike Cooney is running for Governor to protect and expand Montanans’ access to quality, affordable health care – Greg Gianforte is running to strip it away,” said Cooney for Montana Communications Director Ronja Abel. “Even in a pandemic, Greg Gianforte remains committed as ever to ripping health care from Montanans, right when they need it the most. Thankfully, Montana has public servants like Mike Cooney who will stop him.”  


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