Governor Steve Bullock, Senator Jon Tester, and former U.S. Ambassador and Senator Max Baucus endorse Mike Cooney for Governor


I know I join with many other Montanans across the state in saying ‘I like Mike.’

We need to make sure that the shining example that is Montana continues after 2020. We can do so with someone who has the executive experience needed to make that happen.

That is why I stand here today on behalf of Mike Cooney, candidate for governor. There is certainly no better partner than I could ask for in governing.


I am proud to endorse my long-time friend Mike Cooney to be Montana’s next governor. Cooney is a tireless public servant and continues to fight for hard working Montanans.

I believe he would be a great leader and bring folks together to strengthen our state.


When Montanans choose Mike to be our next governor, they can expect him to bring the same passion and work ethic he’s embodied his entire career to tackle the issues head on: fighting to make sure Montanans have good-paying jobs, bringing down prescription drug costs and increasing access to care, addressing climate change and standing up to attacks on our public lands, and ensuring our kids have access to the best public education we can offer.

Mike has never forgotten where he comes from or who he works for: the people. It’s his unwavering commitment to Montanans, his willingness to take on tough fights, and his unflappable determination to do what’s right that earns my vote — and my endorsement — for governor.

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