Mike Cooney Responds to Greg Gianforte’s Misleading Accusations, Challenges Gianforte to Correct the Record

MONTANA—After releasing his plan to protect Montana’s public lands from wealthy, out-of-state multimillionaires like Greg Gianforte, Montana Democratic candidate for Governor Mike Cooney’s opponent accused him of lying about his record. Lt. Gov. Cooney issued the following statement in response:

I’m stunned that Mr. Gianforte wants to compare his record on public lands to mine. I’ve fought to protect access to public lands my entire career, he has sued the state to block it. I’ve used my time in elected office to expand protections for Montana’s public lands, he’s used his to strip them away. I’ve pledged to veto any attempt to transfer management of federal lands, he supports it. These lies are pretty rich, even coming from a multimillionaire.

Mr. Gianforte, those are the facts. 

Furthermore, it takes some real nerve to accuse me of lying, when Greg Gianforte has such a well-documented history of playing fast and loose with the truth. 

A couple weeks ago, Gianforte said he’s never advocated for a sales tax. That is a lie

After violently assaulting a reporter, Gianforte told police that the journalist had initiated the altercation. That was a lie

In 2017, Gianforte told a call full of donors and lobbyists that he was pleased with Congressional attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Just hours earlier, he had told Montanans the opposite. That was a lie

It’s sad to see Mr. Gianforte resort to such desperate attacks on my character and my record. As a lifelong Montanan, I’m proud to have spent my life fighting to protect The Last Best Place for my kids and grandkids. Mr. Gianforte should know better than to baselessly accuse me of lying –  he should correct the record.