Mike-Mentum: Cooney Breaks Single Day Fundraising Record, Receives More Donations Than Gianforte Received in an Entire Month

Record haul caps off huge September that brought in more than $830,000

MONTANA—Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney’s campaign for Governor broke its single-day fundraising record yesterday, receiving 1,590 grassroots donations—more than his opponent Greg Gianforte received in the entire last fundraising period.

In September, Cooney raised more than $830,000 bringing his total up to more than $1.4 million from donors in just the last three months. During the last 30-day reporting period ending September 15, Cooney raised more than $670,000 – more than twice as much money from donors as his opponent, New Jersey millionaire Greg Gianforte.

“While Greg Gianforte is hiding from reporters and spending millions of dollars of his own fortune to prop up his sputtering campaign, Mike Cooney is rolling out policy, talking to voters, and breaking fundraising records left and right,” said Cooney for Montana Communications Director Ronja Abel. “Montanans are taking one look at No Show Greg’s record of blocking access to public lands, support for a sales tax, and troubling absenteeism—and running fast the other direction. With the wind at his back, Mike Cooney has the support and the momentum to come out top this November.”


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