Montana Women Leaders: “Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney Will Fight By Our Side”

Cooney campaign launches group to highlight women’s economic and healthcare issues at stake in 2020

MONTANA—Today Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney’s campaign for Governor launched Women for Cooney, a statewide group of prominent elected officials and community leaders who support Cooney’s campaign for governor and will educate Montana voters on how critical healthcare and economic issues like good-paying jobs with equal pay, Medicaid expansion and a woman’s right to privacy are at stake in this election.

This year’s election for governor could fundamentally change the landscape for Montana women in this state,” said Nancy Keenan, former Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party, Superintendent of Public Instruction and head of NARAL-Pro-Choice America. “The choice facing Montana women voters is clear: Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney, who has a long history of fighting for policies that support women and families, or Congressman Gianforte, who is a threat to our fundamental rights.

Joining a union and bargaining a contract are the best tools women have for gaining equality in the workplace,” said Amanda Curtis, President of MFPE, Montana largest labor union  “All Montanans should join me and MFPE in supporting Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner because Mike and Casey will fight alongside us for women’s equality.

Montana women can trust Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney to fight for us. Mike has marched side-by-side and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with all of us fighting for a better future for our fellow sisters, mothers and daughters,” said longtime former State Representative Dorothy Bradley. “I trust Mike – to study, to think, to build bridges, to exercise his rock-solid Montana values.

Montana’s next Governor needs to be a pragmatic, problem solver; Mike Cooney has the  right experience, credentials and skills that the state needs,” said former State Senator Kim Gillan, “Rhetoric doesn’t translate into results, and Cooney can get results.

Montana must elect Mike Cooney for so many reasons that protect women and families,” said State Representative Mary Ann Dunwell. “To me as a state legislator, it’s so important to keep that veto pen poised against all the unjust, nonsensical, and harmful bills that the extreme right wing ideologues at the state legislature pass on to the Governor’s desk.

Mike Cooney is the real deal. He’s a Montanan who lives his values of taking care of our neighbors, providing high quality education so our children can reach their highest potential, and protecting our public lands,” said Terry Minow, former Political Director of MFPE. “In uncertain times, it is good to have a known quantity to support at the voting booth. Mike is in it for us, all of us. I’m proud to support him for governor.

I have known Mike for 40 years. I don’t think of Mike as a politician, but rather as a good man who wants the best for our state, and so has chosen politics as the way to achieve this goal,” said Teresa Cox, Executive Director, A Carousel for Missoula. “Mike has the health and safety of all Montanas firmly in his heart and his mind, and he will continue to fight to keep our lands public, our education among the best in the nation and our people strong and independent.

Join Women for Cooney here.

Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner have a long history of standing up for Montana women: from protecting a woman’s right to choose, to advocating for equal pay and expanding access to high-quality affordable healthcare. Montana women can trust Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner to fight for them and as Governor and Lt. Governor, they’ll make empowering women front and center of their economic agenda: from protecting healthcare, to advocating for equal pay and championing policies that help hard-working Montana families.