Montana Women Legislators: “Cooney, Schreiner Will Protect Montana Values”

“Women for Cooney” highlights women’s economic and healthcare issues at stake in 2020

MONTANA—Today Women for Cooney, a group of prominent elected officials and community leaders who support Mike Cooney’s campaign for governor, released the following statements of support from current and former women Montana state representatives and senators from across the state. 

Women for Cooney will be active in Cooney’s campaign for governor and educate Montana voters on how critical healthcare and economic issues like good-paying jobs with equal pay, Medicaid expansion and a woman’s right to privacy are at stake in this election.

Mike’s history proves that he has always and will always stand up for Montana women,” said Rep. Moffie Funk (Helena). “Mike has an unassailable record of supporting women’s privacy and will protect our right to access equitable and affordable healthcare because he believes that women should make their own healthcare decisions.

Advocating for Montana women’s rights is advocating for all Montanans. Mike knows this, which is why he never stops fighting for us all,” said Sen. Margie MacDonald (Billings). “There’s so much at stake in this election. We cannot risk losing the Governor’s Office to someone who wants to turn back the clock on the progress women have made in Montana.

I like Cooney because he is a friend to the working women and men in Montana. While working with businesses, he also has supported the needs of workers and supports the need for collective bargaining to protect workers,” said Rep. Marilyn Ryan (Missoula). “Mike grew up in Butte and has never forgotten his roots and commitment to workers.

As a trusted and experienced Montana leader, Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney provides our best opportunity to improve Montana’s economy while standing on the side of workers, small businesses and our environment,” said Sen. Sue Malek (Missoula).

Montana must elect Mike Cooney for so many reasons that protect women and families,” said Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell (Helena). “To me as a state legislator, it’s so important to keep that veto pen poised against all the unjust, nonsensical, and harmful bills that the extreme right wing ideologues at the state legislature pass on to the Governor’s desk.

Montana women can trust Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney to fight for us. Mike has marched side-by-side and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with all of us fighting for a better future for our fellow sisters, mothers and daughters,” said former Rep. Dorothy Bradley (Bozeman). “I trust Mike – to study, to think, to build bridges, to exercise his rock-solid Montana values.

Montana’s next Governor needs to be a pragmatic, problem solver; Mike Cooney has the right experience, credentials and skills that the state needs,” said former Sen. Kim Gillan (Billings), “Rhetoric doesn’t translate into results, and Cooney can get results.

Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner have a long history of standing up for Montana women: from protecting a woman’s right to choose, to advocating for equal pay and expanding access to high-quality affordable healthcare. Montana women can trust Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner to fight for them and as Governor and Lt. Governor, they’ll make empowering women front and center of their economic agenda: for better jobs and better wages, for fairness and equality, and for our healthcare and economic security.