RELEASE: In Times Like These, We Need Trusted Experience and Montana Values

Mike Cooney releases first campaign TV ad “More than ever”

MONTANA—Democrat Mike Cooney’s campaign for governor today released his first statewide television ad. The ad underscores the need for tested and trusted leadership to lead Montana’s economic recovery from COVID-19 and a governor with experience bringing people together to address the biggest challenges of our time. 

Now more than ever Montana needs the trusted experience and Montana values of Mike Cooney as our next governor,” said campaign manager Emily Harris. “Mike Cooney has spent his life here in Montana fighting for our jobs, healthcare, public education and public lands and has the record to prove it. Challenging times call for tested leaders – that’s why leaders like Governor Steve Bullock and Senator Jon Tester strongly endorse Mike Cooney for governor.

The ad can be viewed here: and will begin to air on broadcast and cable television Wednesday, May 6.

Mike Cooney is one of Montana’s most trusted and effective leaders, having spent his entire career fighting for Montanans. Montanans have elected Mike as a state legislator in the House and the Senate, as Secretary of State, and as Governor Steve Bullock’s Lt. Governor in 2016 against Republican candidate for Governor Greg Gianforte. 

Mike’s running mate Casey Schreiner is a former public school teacher born and raised in Great Falls, a lifetime union member and served as House Democratic Leader during one of the most successful legislative sessions in Montana’s recent history.

Mike and Casey are endorsed by Montana Governor Steve Bullock, Senator Jon Tester, former U.S. Ambassador to China and Senator from Montana Max Baucus, Montana AFL-CIO, Montana Federation of Public Employees, Montana State Council of Professional Fire Fighters, Montana Teamsters, Montana 55+ Action Fund, Dorothy Bradley, Amanda Curtis, John Heenan, Grant Kier, Ken Toole, former Clerk of the Supreme Court Ed Smith, former Senator John Walsh, former Supreme Court Justice Mike Wheat and Montana legislators Rep. Jessica Karjala, Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy, Rep. Zach Brown, Rep. Chris Pope, Rep. Marvin Weatherwax, Rep. Derek Harvey, Rep. Ryan Lynch, Rep. Gordy Pierson, Rep. Barbara Bessette, Rep. Jacob Bachmeier, Rep. Mary Caferro, Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell, Rep. Robert Farris-Olsen, Rep. Moffie Funk, Rep. Rae Peppers, Rep. Laurie Bishop, Rep. Willis Curdy, Rep. Marilyn Marler, Rep. Andrea Olsen, Rep. Marilyn Ryan, Rep. Katie Sullivan, Rep. Jasmine Krotkov, Rep. Mark Sweeney, Rep. Dave Fern, Sen. Pat Flowers, Sen. Jen Gross, Sen. Margie MacDonald, Sen. Mary McNally, Sen. JP Pomnichowski, Sen. Edie McClafferty, Sen. Jon Sesso, Sen. Jill Cohenour, Sen. Carlie Boland, Sen. Janet Ellis, Sen. Sue Malek, Sen. Nate McConnell, and Sen. Frank Smith