RELEASE: Mike Cooney’s Campaign for Governor Condemns Out-of-State Super PAC Spending Hundreds of Thousands to Buy Votes in Democratic Primary

MONTANA—Today Democrat Mike Cooney’s campaign for governor called on his primary opponent, Whitney Williams, to join him in demanding the out-of-state Super PAC spending nearly $700,000 in yet-undisclosed money to influence the Democratic primary election disclose their donors to Montana voters.

“Right now this out-of-state Super PAC is totally unaccountable to the people of Montana,” said Emily Harris, campaign manager. “If Ms. Williams cares about transparency and accountability, she’ll have no problem standing side-by-side with our campaign demanding this disclosure to Montana voters–before they cast their votes.”

Federally-registered Super PACs are not required to disclose their donors until June 20, 18 days after Montana’s June 2 primary election. 

Last year Lt. Governor Mike Cooney called on gubernatorial candidates to reject outside spending and self-funding in Montana’s election through the Big Sky People’s Pledge. No other candidate signed the pledge, and both Cooney’s Democratic primary opponent and Republican candidates have written large checks to their campaigns and remained silent about outside spending on their behalf.

Montana has already seen our share of out-of-state candidates who are out-of-touch with our values trying to buy their way into the halls of government,” said Cooney’s running mate Casey Schreiner. “Montana working families deserve to be represented by leaders who understand the daily challenges they face—not out-of-state millionaires beholden to special interest groups.