Trust Cooney to fight for Montana women

Montana women can trust Mike Cooney to fight for them.

Cooney has dedicated his life to supporting Montana families. From his time as a state legislator, as secretary of state, as executive director of Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies and as our lieutenant governor, Cooney has marched side-by-side and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with all of us as we fight for a brighter future for our sisters, mothers and daughters.

Cooney’s history proves that he has always and will always stand up for Montana women.

Cooney has an unassailable record of supporting women’s privacy and will protect our right to access equitable and affordable health care because he believes that women should make their own health care decisions.

Cooney believes in pay equity, championing the Governor’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force and pledging to fight for the Paycheck Transparency Act in the next legislative session.

He has proposed forward-thinking policies that will support Montana women in the workplace and provide more opportunities for Montana families: policies like paid family leave, flexible scheduling, increased child care throughout the state, and public pre-K.

Advocating for Montana women’s rights is advocating for all Montanans. Cooney knows this, which is why he never stops fighting for us all.

There’s so much at stake in this election. We cannot risk losing the Governor’s Office to someone who wants to turn back the clock on the progress women have made in Montana.

We hope you will join us in supporting Mike Cooney as the next governor of our state — not just for the women of today, but for the young women who are counting on us to ensure that their goals are limitless. They are worth the fight.

This opinion is signed by Rep. Barbara Bessette, House District 24, Great Falls; Rep. Laurie Bishop, HD60, Livingston; Rep. Moffie Funk, HD82, Helena; Sen. Margie MacDonald, SD26, Billings; and Rep. Katie Sullivan, HD89, Missoula.

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